Vaccinations for Life


Serpentine Vet is proud to invite new and existing clients to join our  Free Vaccinations for Life (FVFL) program!

We are thrilled that we have clients as far north as Midland, as far south as Pinjarra and as far east as Wandering and Boddington whose pets are enrolled in, and benefitting from this plan!

What’s it all about?

As an ex-ER Vet, Dr Belinda has ‘seen it all’, and understands the value of a regular and thorough physical examination in helping pick up problems early, before they become emergencies.

She therefore wants to reward YOU financially for having your cat or dog thoroughly examined once a year.

That’s where FVFL comes in!

To join our program there is a once-off enrolment fee of $50. In enrolling you agree to bring your pet for their annual FVFL Health Check (currently $79.12) every twelve months.

As long as your pet attends, within a month of their due date every year, they will receive all the recommended CORE vaccinations required for their species, FREE of charge, for LIFE!

Any non-core vaccinations deemed required are available at a marked cost reduction.

CORE vaccinations for dogs include parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis and (depending on lifestyle) canine cough.

CORE vaccinations for cats include flu and enteritis.

The only long term commitment is the annual health check, which is exactly the same cost as a normal consultation at Serpentine Vet.

During the wellness exam your pet will have their eyes, ears and skin examined. Their lymph nodes will be assessed, and their gum and dental health will be checked.

Their heart and lungs will be ausculted and their abdomen palpated.

Body Condition Score, Mobility and musculoskeletal health will be assessed, and advice on the promotion and management of long term health will be provided.

If urine is provided, a free-of-charge, in-house urine test will also be performed to check for the kidneys ability to concentrate the urine.

You will receive a written summary of their state of health, based on physical examination. This will be scanned and added to their medical record.

Of course people who prefer NOT to receive Free Vaccinations for Life for their pets can still book in for vaccinations at the normal price.