Farm Pets

We LOVE farm pets at Serpentine Vet, and will do our best to help them all whether great or small.

We even have a small flock of pet sheep and goats at the clinic! They are our poo-donors when we need to do microbiome transplants!

We offer routine vaccinations and desexing of sheep, goats and alpacas. We are also very happy to treat chooks and ducks.

We use appropriate analgesia and sedation for ALL painful procedures.

We have success treating critically ill orphans of most farm species.

Please note that we do not offer routine production animal services at this time, but will always endeavour to attend an emergency, even though our patients typically have names, and not numbers.

We recognise that farm pets are an important part of the family….even if they do (usually) live outside!

Hepsi Richards

Veterinary Nurse / Serpentine Vet
Hepsi Richards holds a Bachelor of Arts and completed her Veterinary Nursing studies at Polytechnic West in 2012. Since qualifying as a Vet Nurse, she has worked in equine practice in the Swan Valley, and in private small animal emergency practice. She is famed for having the longest drive of any of our staff members, coming to us from what we call ‘South Geraldton’ (also known as Guildford). We think that shows TRUE dedication! Hepsi has two adult children, and several fur kids, but the most famous of her crew is her orange Arabian mare ‘Symphony’ on whom she enjoys both dressage and mounted archery. Hepsi is the one who you will hear Dr B request to ‘bring the energy down’ when she gets excitable. Her enthusiasm is contagious (and a tiny bit loud).

Daryl Skinner

Groundsman / Serpentine Vet
Daryl Skinner is our friendly, efficient and capable Groundsman, and is basically the guy to whom all  ‘please fix this’ or ‘please build that’, or ‘I got this at the tip shop can we turn it in to a (functional piece of equipment)’ requests go. He is also he man whom will be found raising a ‘disapproving’ eyebrow at us from the corner when we make tasteless testicle jokes during a particularly juicy dog castration. Daryl is the large green-shirted man who will accost your dog with love if he walks through the waiting room, and he can also be seen watering plants, cutting down branches, high pressure hosing things, blowing leaves around  and generally keeping our grounds and building looking neat and tidy!! Daryl and his wife live on acreage in the Shire, and are avid dog ... More