Pet Insurance

Good vs Bad? Reassurance vs Ripoff?

Talk to ten pet owners and you will get twenty opinions.

There is no doubt that pet insurance saves lives.

There are times in an animals life when, if unlucky, a serious accident or illness can mean that their owners are in a situation where the appropriate care is unaffordable.

Having spent a large part of my career in emergency care I have SEEN these cases time and time again, and my heart, along with innumerable owners hearts have been broken by just this scenario.

As Vets we are NOT financial advisors, and can not, therefore, recommend the best insurance cover for your circumstances.

However I personally recommend that, if you don’t have savings, or you are on a fixed income, pet insurance is an excellent idea.

Many people argue that it’s ‘not worth the money’ or that they ‘dont get their moneys worth’. And that’s understandable because, over time, the premiums add up.

And, of course, the irony is that no one ever WANTS to have to claim!

With  good vet care and some good luck, hopefully you will never have to.

Insurance is just that, insurance, for an adverse event. Especially upsetting when it’s your pet that is insured.

Whether it be our car, our house, our contents or our own life. No one ever WANTS to claim on their insurance.

But having it brings peace of mind, and THAT is what we are paying for.

This page has some interesting comparisons of value.

Remember insurance is big business. In Australia there are two or three main underwriters, many of whom underwrite policies which are branded differently.

A quick internet search shows that:

  1. Lloyd’s of London underwrite Petplan, PetCover and  City Farmers
  2. RACQ underwrites RAC Pet Insurance and
  3. Hollard Insurance underwrites the following (plus more) policies….

Petbarn PI


Woolworths PI



Produce PI

Medibank PI

Kogan PI

Bow Wow Meow PI


Seniors PI


Guide PI

So do your due diligence, and use the online comparisons, and make sure that you are choosing the correct policy for your pets needs.

Hug the ones you love.

Dr B