Our Ethos

We offer an excellent client experience with integrity and honesty.

We offer empathy for client as well as pet, and we aim to be beloved by both our patients and their humans.

We offer a beautiful environment and facilities to reduce stress for pet and their people.

We exist to offer a family owned and run, private veterinary hospital that offered experienced and quality veterinary care, with caring support for the human attached to the end of the lead. From the start of a pet’s life, to its last moments on our earth.

We want to be part of the journey of joy and heartbreak that sharing your life with a pet can be.

We offer an environment which is not clinical, does not smell of disinfectant, that makes people smile or laugh when they walk in the door…making their pet more relaxed about their experience in the process.

We offer an agility playground for dogs to use before, after, or independent of their visit….so that each visit doesn’t mean needles or fear.

We offer a space for clients that is comfortable and homelike, where you  can have a cup of tea while you wait for blood results, and share the couch with your pet while doing so.

We offer a destination veterinary practice that people travel the extra mile to visit, because doing so makes them, and their pet happy.

We aim to provide old fashioned service and care, warm humanity plus outstanding veterinary skills.

Our clients are honest. They communicate what they want and need from us, in the care of their pet. They accept ownership of their financial limitations, and allow us to work WITH them, to deliver the best possible care for their pet, within their financial constraints.  They are kind to themselves and to their animal, and respectful to our staff. Our clients loves their pets, and want the best for them, placing their pet’s welfare ahead of their own. They know when to say goodbye, and if they don’t, they allow us to help them. Our clients seek a mutually beneficial  relationship between their pet, themselves and us.

If our practice didn’t exist the world would continue to turn. But the light of something beautiful would be dimmed.

Clients would have lost a unique and unusual veterinary service. One where you can make a cup of tea to enjoy while playing with your dog in our agility playground. One where you can sit and contemplate, and perhaps grieve, in our evolving Memorial Garden. One where your children can enjoy the experience of meeting the clinic chickens, goats and sheep through the fence, when your own fences at home, in the growing urban sprawl, are two feet from your house walls. One where, to drive on to our property is to take a step back in time, to a softer, kinder world. One where, when our staff notice that you are not your normal, happy self, they send flowers to brighten your day. Or where the veterinarian drives twenty minutes south to leave at your gate a beautiful plant, that shares the same name as your suddenly departed pet, to plant in her memory.

Our experience is unique. We are located on five acres in a beautiful semi rural area, 8 minutes south of Byford.  Driving on to our property, up the slight slope, past established gums, and newly planted Jacarandas decreases the blood pressure. We have easy access and easy parking. In the winter, when green, it is stunning.

We laugh, not frown. We share, not judge. We make mistakes, we admit them. We put the patient and the clients comfort first. We offer extremely experienced veterinary care, from a clinician who has kept up to date, but who refers to specialists when required.

We offer a glimpse in to a country world, rarely seen by today’s urban children, just 8 minutes from the suburbs to the north and 18mins to the suburbs to the west.

Our motto is “Modern Medicine, Country Care”.

We ARE Serpentine Vet.

Hepsi Richards

Veterinary Nurse / Serpentine Vet
Hepsi Richards holds a Bachelor of Arts and completed her Veterinary Nursing studies at Polytechnic West in 2012. Since qualifying as a Vet Nurse, she has worked in equine practice in the Swan Valley, and in private small animal emergency practice. She is famed for having the longest drive of any of our staff members, coming to us from what we call ‘South Geraldton’ (also known as Guildford). We think that shows TRUE dedication! Hepsi has two adult children, and several fur kids, but the most famous of her crew is her orange Arabian mare ‘Symphony’ on whom she enjoys both dressage and mounted archery. Hepsi is the one who you will hear Dr B request to ‘bring the energy down’ when she gets excitable. Her enthusiasm is contagious (and a tiny bit loud).

Daryl Skinner

Groundsman / Serpentine Vet
Daryl Skinner is our friendly, efficient and capable Groundsman, and is basically the guy to whom all  ‘please fix this’ or ‘please build that’, or ‘I got this at the tip shop can we turn it in to a (functional piece of equipment)’ requests go. He is also he man whom will be found raising a ‘disapproving’ eyebrow at us from the corner when we make tasteless testicle jokes during a particularly juicy dog castration. Daryl is the large green-shirted man who will accost your dog with love if he walks through the waiting room, and he can also be seen watering plants, cutting down branches, high pressure hosing things, blowing leaves around  and generally keeping our grounds and building looking neat and tidy!! Daryl and his wife live on acreage in the Shire, and are avid dog ... More