Home Bred Puppies

Hey guys,

I wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Recently we have had several home bred litters in for health checks and vaccinations. And I have spoken to many of you about how awesome it is when both parents of the puppies are able to interact with them naturally.

There is a lot of talk in the press, and on the FB pages, about ‘backyard breeders’, and it is almost always used as a derogatory term.

However when done with education, and care, litters bred in a home….regardless of their breed registry….or purebred status…..can experience a lot more of life, much earlier, than in some other situations.

As an example, this particular litter is on acreage, so has heaps of room to run, has access to small children, to learn how to deal with all the ‘joy’ that can come from fast moving, small, humans.

They also have full interaction with their parents…..who model behaviours and apply parental discipline. Apparently just before this video was taken Jazz was teaching pup how to play with a tugging toy (I suppose an evolutionary version of hunting?).

I know there is a lot of negative press about breeders who are not ‘professional’ or registered, but I thinks there is MUCH to be said for a well planned , and well raised, ‘backyard’ litter.

Certainly I have been impressed with this litter, and with the care their breeders have taken in at

matching puppy temperament to their new owners needs.

Hug The Ones You Love

❤️ Bel