Grain Free Diets

I know that I have had conversations with a few clients recently, about the suspected link between Grain-Free diets and heart disease (specifically Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in dogs.

This study is a clinically based, retrospective study from the US, and is based on one breed only….Golden Retrievers. This means that the data might not extrapolate to other breeds.

However it’s a start, and it’s a pretty darn compelling one. I’m going to search for any available that use different breeds.

It’s a long read, but an easy one, and if you use a grain free product I suggest you make a cuppa and make the effort.

I have been advising clients that, if they use a grain free product, they should check the taurine levels on the bag (if there are any listed).

I’ve tried not to make a big deal about it, because people who use Grain Free do so out of a genuine love for their dog, and the belief that GF is somehow superior. I don’t want to question that!

But….if you feed GF please take this a step further.

Please contact the manufacturer of the dog food directly, ideally in written format like email, and ask them….were any feeding trials were performed on the biscuits, and were TAURINE levels in the dogs fed the biscuits measured?

If the answer is no, then I strongly suggest that you seek an alternative product. If Grain Free is your thing, then contact the manufacturers of every grain free diet you can find and feed the one that they can answer yes to the above question AND provide the proof.

If Grain Free is something you are trying for skin, please know that the MAJORITY of food hypersensitivity in dogs, causing skin issues, are due to specific allergenic meat proteins, not grain.

In this case you might want to just switch back over to a premium dog food OR book a consult with me to discuss your concerns.

Hug The Ones You Love

Xx Dr B