Bunny Runs

Hi guys, Dr Bel here….

During our Bunny Run recently, we had a few people ask about the price difference between our special and the normal price that we charge.

And also about why we run the discount over one twenty four hour period.

We figured that, if they have questions, you might want to know too!

It’s a very simple answer.

The calicivirus vaccination comes in a ten dose bottle, unlike cat and dog vaccinations which are in single vials.

In the small print….ie the registration details, in the packet, it advises that the vaccination is registered such that the full bottle is used within one day. Ie….it is not meant to sit in the fridge for days or weeks on end.

What that means is that the manufacturer cannot,  and will not, guarantee efficacy and safety after the bottle has been opened more than a day.

The vaccination might work OK after that time, but it might not. They can’t guarantee.

The vaccination might remain sterile after that time, and it might not. They can’t guarantee.

The ten dose bottle is quite expensive.

If correct practice is being followed, unless ten rabbits are vaccinated within a twenty four hour period, many doses are wasted…..so at the normal price, that is the ‘wastage’ being passed on to the client.

When we do our ‘bunny runs’, we are ensuring that the vaccine is given according to the packet instructions.

And that’s the reason we do them in runs of ten rabbits.

So….given that the vaccination is NOT one hundred percent effective to start with, please consider this……

……if your rabbit is being vaccinated for calicivirus, it makes sense to check that it is being done ACCORDING TO THE RECOMMENDATIONS ON THE  BOTTLE (yes, I’m shouting….it’s important), for their safety’s sake.

It is even worth checking this if you are paying ‘full’ price, as I have worked in practices where this requirement was unknown.

Now, full disclosure…..the last time I read the packet WAS six months ago, so it is entirely possible they have changed the registration deets in that time.

In which case I will eat my rabbit-fur ‘fake akubra’ hat.

Keep those Runny Babbits safe peeps.

Xx Dr Bel